Multi-Touch (P-Cap) Display


New generation of highly accurate, crystal clear resolution of projected capacitive Multi-Touch LCD in open frame, panel mount or chassis housing for various applications.

Products Category:

Open FrameW07L100-POM1

-7" P-Cap  W07L100-POM1
-10.1" P-Cap  W10L100-POA1
-15" P-Cap  R15L100-POC3
-17" P-Cap  R17L100-POM1
-19" P-Cap  R19L100-POM1
-21.5" P-Cap  W22L100-POA
-23.8" P-Cap  W24L100-POA2
-32" P-Cap  W32L100-POA3

Panel Mount W07L100-PPA4

-7" Panel Mount W07L100-PPA4
-8.4" Panel Mount R08L200-PPU1
-10.4" Panel Mount R10L100-PPT2
-15" Panel Mount R15L600-PPC3
-15.6" Panel Mount W15L100-PPA2
-19" Panel Mount R19L300-PPM1
-21.5" Panel Mount W22L100-PPA3


-7" P-Cap Chassis W07L100-PCO1
-10.1" P-Cap Chassis W10L100-PCH1
-10.4" P-Cap Chassis R10L100-PCT2(HB)
-12.1" P-Cap Chassis R12L100-PCM2
-15" P-Cap Chassis R15L600-PCC3(HB)
-15" Multitouch Chassis Chassis R15L100-PTC3
-19" P-Cap Chassis R19L300-PCM1
-21.5" Chassis W22L100-PCA3
-32" P-Cap Chassis W32L100-PCA3