Wide Range Temperature Display


This display series are capable of delivering accurate color images in extreme sunlight under the temperature range from -20 to 65 degree Celsius.

Products Category:

IP65 LCD Solution(front side)R08T200-IPT1WT
-8.4" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) R08T200-IPT1WT

-10.4" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) R10L100-IPA1WT
-12.1" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) R12L600-IPM2WT
-15" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) R15L100-IPA3WT
-17" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) S17L500-IPA1WT
-19" IP65 LCD Solution(front side) R19L300-IPA2WT

Rear Mount/ChassisR06L200-RMA1WT
-6.5" Wide Range Temperature LCD R06L200-RMA1WT
-8.4" Wide Range Temperature LCD R08T200-RMT1WT
-10.4" Wide Range Temperature LCD R10L100-RMA1WT
-12.1" Wide Range Temperature LCD R12L600-RMM2WT
-15" Wide Range Temperature LCD R15L100-CHA3WT
-17" Wide Range Temperature LCD R17L500-CHA1WT